Getting Started

Seat Selector is a place where you can get advice about keeping your little ones safe in the car. With expert advice provided by world renowned TRL you are in safe hands here. From this website or the associated smartphone apps you can get the best advice on choosing and fitting your child car seat from whichever device you are using.

The legal requirements, safety standards and seat types can get pretty confusing; we aim to help you through the myriad of choices and potential pitfalls to find the the right choice for your child.

By clicking on the Seat Selector logo on the right, or choosing it from the main navigation above, you can start the process of selecting an appropriate seat for your child. At the end of this process there are also some links out to retailers to help you identify the most suitable model for you; these are all retailers who offer in-store fitting and advice services so you can pop along there for extra help.

If you click on the play button, you can watch an introductory video, and wherever you see this symbol throughout the site it means that there are advice videos to help you through.

Get started with SeatSelector by clicking the logo below:

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Our apps are available for iPhone, iPad and android platforms, all you need to do is search for Seat Selector in the App Store or on Google Play.